A Bloody Bridegroom
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Charlie Fraser
Elizabeth Stanton
Jackson LaVarre


Earth Opened her Mouth


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'A Bloody Bridegroom' is the sixteenth episode of 'The Walk'.

"It might be tough getting out of this sticky situation without backup."
You arrive at Harsham House to find a disturbing scene of blood and destruction. Maybe best to move on.

There are 20 landscape features to be scanned and two collectibles. There are two bonus audio recordings.

The walking time for the shortest route is 94 minutes, and there are two divergent paths.

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Plot Summary Edit

Step Back GentlyEdit

Stanton and the others help you out of the bog.

Restored Edit

Lawrence admits to having fiddled with the boxes accidentally until he had turned them off. Charlie is amazed. Paul points out that the manor has smoke rising from it. Stanton says it's probably from a chimney. Probably.

Harsham HouseEdit

You arrive at Harsham House. Emma is sure she has heard of the place before. Someone has set fire to furniture outside the house. There's blood on the door. There's more in the kitchen sink, and on the floor. Jackson goes to take a look out back. Lawrence makes a disturbing discovery in the bathroom. Stanton and Charlie order the group out and onwards, it's clearly too dangerous to stay here.

What Happened Back There?Edit

Everyone speculates about what happened at Harsham House.

Not Much Daylight Left Edit

It's getting dark. You all suddenly realise that Jackson is missing.

Reaching OutEdit

You head into the woods as night falls.

Bonus Material Edit

  • 'Newspaper article': A newspaper article dated April 19, 2012: "Aisling Foster move from Harvard": "A new joint project run by several Scottish Universities in conjunction with GCHQ into machine learning has attracted high-profile neuroscience engineer Aisling Foster from her position at Harvard. She'll work with technologist and theorist Robert Emmanuel and a number of senior staff on the project, which has won grants totaling over [pounds] 25m in the past six months. The programme's intelligent transmitter fields won the prestigious Levene Prize last summer. Foster declared herself delighted with the appointment and hopes 'to make real progress on some of the most pressing problems facing our society today'."
  • 'Newspaper article': An article about newborn orangutan twins born at Edinburgh zoo.
  • 'Play-only MP3 player': Found in Harsham House, this is a recording of a man who briefly tells of the deaths of the rest of his party at the hands of an unnamed, undescribed female (presumably these are whose remains the group finds when they arrive). The rest of the recording is a warning to anyone else who comes to the house to get away and not come near "her". The final words are a message for Peter in Sydenham that the unnamed speaker loves him. The recording ends with screaming.
  • 'Unusual audio device': A recording of a woman asking a young girl some questions. The woman calls her Marianne and asking if she remembers her. The girl eventually remembers that she is her father's sister, "Mummy Foster". Foster prompts her to remember certain details from when they met, like what cake tastes like. At the end of the recording she comments, "Looks like the sensory inputs have calibrated correctly." She then gives Marianne a game: Ludo, commenting that Marianne and her sister love playing games. Marianne enthusiastically agrees.

Landscape Features Edit

  • Smashed video camera
  • Empty jerry can
  • Paracord
  • One welly
  • Discarded ammo
  • Bog myrtle
  • Woman's shoe
  • Topiary
  • Elder tree
  • Badger tracks
  • Bloodstain
  • Bracken
  • Foxhole
  • Disturbed earth
  • Sleeping roll
  • Ghost walk sign
  • Tawny owl
  • Hawthorne tree

Continuity Edit

Trivia Edit