And the Earth was
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Chaos and Confusion

'And the Earth was...' is the first mission of The Walk.

The plan's simple. Inverness station, train heading south. It's about to get complicated
Walker is given a package and must take it to Edinburgh, but when an EMP is set off by The Burn, things get a lot more complicated.

There are 18 landscape features to be scanned and 1 collectible. There is 1 bonus audio recording.

The walking time for the shortest route is 33 minutes, and there is one divergent path.

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Plot SummaryEdit

Plenty of TimeEdit

You are listening to the news bulletin in the station café. As the train pulls in, Fiona approaches you and hands you a device, which she says you must get to Edinburgh.

The BurnEdit

The power goes down in the station. Fiona points out possible members of The Burn, and you hurry off the platform.

Attention All PassengersEdit

The station is evacuated for safety reasons. Fiona leads you towards the side exit, but a station employee demands you return and go through the main exit, threatening to detain you. Before he can act on it, an explosion goes off.

Charlie Will Know What To DoEdit

You discover Fiona has injured her leg in the explosion. Fiona reiterates the importance of the package, saying that you need to find a place to open it because "Charlie will know what to do". Despite the scene of people trapped under rubble, Fiona urges to you leave, saying it is the best way you can help people right now.


Cars, phones and all other electronics have stopped working since the explosion. Fiona leads you down a side street, saying you cannot open the package in front of other people, but a man that Fiona identifies as a member of The Burn demands you stop or he'll shoot. You keep moving.

Open the PackageEdit

Fiona can't keep up with you because of her injured leg. You hear the man from before coming after you, but you stop to open the package and put on and register the device. Fiona realises perhaps you were not the person she was looking for -- but she can't do anything about that, because someone shoots at you both and the device is biokeyed to you now. She urges you to get the package to Edinburgh, saying that there's a handsome financial reward in it for you and that The Burn will kill you if they catch you. When more shots are fired at you, she tells you to leave, saying she'll hold them off as long as she can.

Primary OperatorEdit

Charlie introduces herself as your primary operator for the duration of the operation. There are more shots, and Charlie says Fiona is "gone". She directs you onwards.

Codename: WalkerEdit

Charlie directs you to a path out of view of the street. She generates the codename "Walker" and says she's never lost an agent yet.

Bonus MaterialEdit

  • 'Come Together Reunion Concert': poster of a boyband. The concert is raising funds for the Miami Relief Fund.
  • 'Ringing Phone': an audio of Dave Crispin telling how he was recruited to work for the government because of his skills in encryption. He accepted because he thought he would be doing good.

Landscape FeaturesEdit

  • Radio
  • Cafe
  • Ticket office
  • Train Tracks
  • Abandoned luggage
  • Side exit
  • Forgotten packed lunch
  • Spent ammo
  • Torn book: The 39 Steps
  • Car park
  • Shopping centre
  • Pop up First Aid tent
  • Sign: E'burgh 155 miles
  • Picnic blanket
  • Storage barn
  • Pitlochry Salmon
  • Courtyard


  • In the news bulletin in "Plenty of Time" we hear that Interpol have attempted to catch members of the terrorist group New Tomorrow in Madrid and Frankfurt. We learn that they are responsible for the brief shutdown of the Hang Seng a year before the events of the game.
  • The bulletin also mentions the reintroduction of wolves to Scotland.
  • You can hear Lawrence complaining his laptop has stopped working in "EMP".


  • The title of the episode is from the King James Bible, Genesis 1:2 "And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."
  • The landscape feature: Torn Book: The 39 Steps, is a novel about spies and features a main character on the run. It was written by Scottish author John Buchan.
  • Charlie's line "Can you hear me in the back, mother?" is a reference to English comedian Sandy Powell.