Find as many landmarks as you can in 24 hours.

You made it through the night! That really is terrific. And ...well, not entirely expected. but Charlie needs to get you back to the others and she doesn't like to admit it, but she's really got no idea where you are. You'll need to hunt around for landmarks: rocks, fences, anything distinctive.

Items Edit

  1. That willow tree over the brook isn't a landmark eactly, but if you squint at it from a certain angle, it really does look like an old man holding a scythe. Creepy!
  2. Ooh - a cache of squirrel nuts! They probably won't mind if you borrow some.
  3. Someone's written a rude word in the snow! It does seem like the sort of thing Lawrence might do,although he probably won't have thought it was spelled with two Ts.