Find as many leaflets as you can in 24 hours.

Those bloody leaflets! You might have got away from Giles and Magnus, but the next people who come after you may not be so incompetent. This is a problem that needs nipping in the bud, so see how many of the leaflets you can pick up yourself and stop some other chancer getting any bright ideas.

Items Edit

  1. Well, this isn't the leaflet you were looking for, but if you're ever back in Inverness, maybe you will go to see seven X-Factor finalists in Sleeping Beauty. You can't beat a good panto!
  2. It's a copy of James Joyce's Ulysses someone's just thrown away by the side of that rock. You could pick it up and give it a go yourself. Or just leave it there.
  3. Oh look, it's a copy of the Heat. Wonder if anyone still cares about the Kardashians.