Dave Crispin
Played by

John Doughty

First Appearance

And the Earth was

Last Appearance

All Shall Be Devoured


Secret Service, The Burn



Contains spoilers up to episode 49Edit

Dave Crispin is a character who appears in bonus audios. He works at GCHQ, originally ordering hits for the government but then having a change of heart. His audios are always named 'ringing [something]' and begin with some sort of phone ringing.


Ringing phoneEdit

  • Bonus audio in And the Earth was.
  • Dave was first contacted by the Secret Service on the 9th of July, 2005. He was recruited for his skill at encryption, and when he agreed to serve his country, he thought he'd be doing good.

Ringing phone boxEdit

  • Bonus audio in The Company of Kings.
  • Dave ended up at GCHQ, listening in to private phone calls. He then worked on terrorism, ordering hits on people. He realised the power was dangerous -- too dangerous.

Ringing mobile phoneEdit

  • Bonus audio in All Tremble at War.
  • Dave was approached by a woman named Elspeth, who told him that he was executing people without trial, and that was wrong. He had thought that before, but he agreed to meet her again because he fancied her, not because of his principles.

Ringing phone box Edit

  • Bonus audio in In A Strange Land
  • Dave talks about an encounter with Elspeth after a cancelled meeting with an important contact. They sleep with each other for the first and last time.

Ringing phone box Edit

  • Bonus audio in As the Bird her Eggs.
  • Dave talks about the first girl he ever had a crush on, Debra, who was extremely clever (possibly high-functioning autistic). The other kids picked on her and Dave was too scared to stand up for her.

Main Story Edit

When Walker's group (Pippa, Tim, Bardle, Lawrence, Stanton and Aaron) arrive at the castle where the hard access point for the devices was located, they meet a few of Soleil's prototype avatars who are sent to try to stop them. Dave was one of the earliest experiments, so he was the most in control of himself out of all of them. It is revealed that he has been making calls from the castle to tell his story.

He leads them to where they need to go, but Soleil is able take over him long enough to destroy the machine, killing Tim in the process. Dave keeps repeating that he didn't mean to do it and Pippa shoots him with Stanton's gun, putting him "out of his misery".